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September 2008 Historical Society Meeting

  Wayne Welshans, our local historian, was the speaker at our September 11, 2008 meeting of the Jersey Shore Historical Society.  His presentation with power point and narration gave tribute to the local men, and women, who served in our Armed Forces.  Many are deceased, and some were not.  Their names were familiar to some of us who were at the meeting.

   Wayne had many of his personal memorabilia to show us that his relatives brought with them from the Second World War.  One was of particular interest.  His father, Floyd L. Welshans, brought back from Germany a book with pictures and printing (in German) of the Life of the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler.  The book was dated 1936. 

   What was very interesting was that the plastic jacket of the book was made in Williamsport, PA by the Brodart Company.  Their first book covers were made from re-used X ray film.  The covers were so popular that Brodart Company was founded and it has grown from those covers to books, library furniture, and other items that have to do with the book industry.

--Jim Allen

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